Viyona V.
Submitted 12/06/18
It was awsome experience all staff members are so polite and attentive and they did good work..

Jason D.
Submitted 12/06/18
Quick, efficient, and kind. Thanks for making dental work easier for our family.

Alfredo G.
Submitted 12/06/18
They’re very friendly and patient and nice with my son and he is happy after he’s cleaning. Thank you.

Srikar P.
Submitted 12/04/18
Great service

Srikar P.
Submitted 12/04/18
Very Friendly & Professional service.

Archithaa V.
Submitted 11/30/18
Great service

Milan P.
Submitted 11/29/18
Excelente servicio

Luke B.
Submitted 11/29/18
Great staff, fast and thorough. My kids enjoy going.

Lanhao Z.
Submitted 11/28/18
Professional advices and no unnescessary treatment. All staff are very kinds to my kid.

Thomas H.
Submitted 11/27/18
The staff is always so nice.

Sofiya S.
Submitted 11/26/18
Doctor and staff are good! Thank you for your job!

Uriah P.
Submitted 11/26/18
We had a wonderful dental experience!

Callen P.
Submitted 11/25/18
Great Staff! Thanks for your help and support.

Talesa P.
Submitted 11/25/18
Doctor Nolan and his staff are amazing! Thanks again for an amazing visit!

Hiba F.
Submitted 11/21/18
Very nice staff! Great dentist! Very professional and polite!

Deborah T.
Submitted 11/20/18
Professional and kids friendly.

Joshua M.
Submitted 11/20/18
Always the best experience from friendliness to expertise to thorough explanations. We feel we are giving our kids the best dental care possible coming to you! Thank you!

Sloane W.
Submitted 11/17/18
我觉得他们做的很好。有点疼可是我可以看一个电影。我做完我会拿到两个硬币。不会疼因为他们会让你的嘴巴感觉很麻木所以我不会觉得他们在碰我的嘴巴。 I think that Dr. Nolan and his staff did a great job. Of course it hurt a little but not as much as it could have, I’m sure. I got to watch a movie and they numbed my mouth so I wouldn’t feel as much pain as I would otherwise. And after I was done, I got two coins for two prizes.

Clover D.
Submitted 11/17/18
Vanessa is the most patient and caring provider I can imagine. Thank you!

Campbell J.
Submitted 11/16/18
The best place to be, the best care.

Lucas C.
Submitted 11/07/18
I like that the hygienists and dentist are very thorough but dont take too long cleaning and checking the teeth. My son is an anxious kid who always wants to know what is going to be done, and he is very comfortable at Bellevue Pediatric Dentistry.

Owen T.
Submitted 11/02/18
An incredibly caring staff and absolutely stellar dental practice.

Rananjay Chetan D.
Submitted 10/31/18
It was awesome as usual.

Rahaf F.
Submitted 10/26/18

Victor B.
Submitted 10/26/18
Amazing staff. My kids love to go to the dentist.

Mia M.
Submitted 10/25/18

Sofiya S.
Submitted 10/25/18
Good service, kind doctor and personal. They had a great job!

Brennan L.
Submitted 10/25/18
The kids always enjoy going to see Dr. Nolan and his awesome team of assistants.

Thomas H.
Submitted 10/24/18
Great staff

Winston M.
Submitted 10/24/18
We love coming here! Always feels very personable and warm!!

Shaurya Y.
Submitted 10/18/18
taken my son there a week ago and found everyone very attentive and caring including support staff, Dr. Nolan. surely recommend !

Lanhao Z.
Submitted 10/17/18
Doctor and assistants are very nice to my son. During his first treatment, a cartoon movie makes him relax. Thank you

Cora D.
Submitted 10/17/18
Always a great experience!

Senna D.
Submitted 10/16/18
Doctor helps our kid to have a crown very quick and smoothly

Josiah V.
Submitted 10/16/18
Thank you for your great work Doctor Nolan

Linnea O.
Submitted 10/10/18
We bring all three of our girls to the office and have been so happy with their care. So kid friendly and their staff is very patient.

Panache D.
Submitted 10/06/18
It was awesome

Aria C.
Submitted 08/28/18
Great experience for all three kids.

Indira Myra B.
Submitted 07/13/18
Awesome. Doctor clearly explained/answered all our wuestions

Jeongmin H.
Submitted 07/05/18
First impression was good!

Rananjay Chetan D.
Submitted 04/11/18
it was awesome

Shivam R.
Submitted 03/16/18

Daniel P.
Submitted 01/31/18
Perfect first dentist experience for my son! Doctor was kind and gentle. Very clean!

Cora D.
Submitted 01/11/18
It was my daughter’s first ever visit to the dentist and we appreciated that they had a quiet room for her away from the hub bub!

Roshni G.
Submitted 01/09/18
Patient friendly. My daughter liked them a lot and began to interact with them much.

Matilde L.
Submitted 12/12/17
The staff and Dr were warm and welcoming, and helped my children feel comfortable on their first dental visit.

Yashvi J.
Submitted 12/04/17
Okay Okay

Marvin C.
Submitted 11/17/17

Anvi J.
Submitted 11/17/17
Excellent !

M J.
Submitted 11/13/17
The short backstory: Mom had traumatic experiences at the (now-retired) dentist’s office as a child, parents never checked for thorough brushing, only offering “shame on you” treatment when the checkup went poorly. This unfortunately progressed to Mom raising a family of sugar bug hosts. Enter Bellevue Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Nolan embraced –without condescension– the opportunity to educate and encourage. I learned what signs of trouble to look for, and how to help the girls take better care of their teeth. My kids needed a lot of work done at first, but thanks especially to their dentist’s support they’ve practiced their best oral hygiene and are proud to have recently joined the Cavity Free Club!! My oldest only has a few short years left with Dr. Nolan and his team…I dread the day her last baby tooth falls out. Whoever we find for adult tooth care will have some big shoes to fill!

Jaxon C.
Submitted 10/12/17
Great time!

Lalith Adithya T.
Submitted 09/04/17
Was a great experience, especially this being the first dentist visit for my kid.

La Joy A.
Submitted 08/31/17
Dr. Reeves and her team are amazing!!! I was impressed with her ability to put both my son and I at ease. This was the first time my 8 year old son didn’t cry at the dentist, and she did 2 tooth extractions. She is definitely our new dentist.